October 23, 2018

A home and a family.

"Walking into Blue Cypress the first that I always notice is how pleasant the smell is. The sweet bookstore kitty and the knowledgeable and kind staff truly make this place a gem. The selection of used books and unique, antique books is second to none. You will not regret stepping into Blue Cypress. Whether you spend 10 minutes here or an hour perusing, it is well worth your time."
October 4, 2018

Beyond cozy

"Beyond cozy. Beyond smart. I have no need to go farther than Blue Cypress for everything I want to read, usually recommended to me by the extraordinary owner and sympatico staff. This is how the universe would design a great used bookstore."
July 17, 2017

A Great Shop

"We jumped off the streetcar to go in the coffee shop on the corner and found this great bookshop. I wish I could take it back to London,, though the cat might have other ideas. "
June 26, 2017

My Favorite Bookstore Anywhere!

"Blue Cypress is my favorite bookstore anywhere. It's small, locally owned, friendly, and has an excellent selection of books at good prices. The air conditioning encourages browsing, and if you're lucky the cat will jump in your lap."
June 20, 2017

Hidden Used Gems

"Stop in for the hidden used gems, the smart selection of new (especially local) books, great conversation, and a feline greeting from Bookstore Kitty."